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Universal Cable Systems

Universal Cable Systems addresses many of the challenges facing the Cable industry today. UCS partnered with Time Warner Cable in 1998 to aid in the collections efforts of delinquent accounts. Upon their request, we became a subcontractor and our cable services now focuses on write off collections, cable equipment recovery and sales and tap audits.

As our business grew, we discovered that manually reporting daily activities was time consuming and costly. We determined that technology was available that could drastically reduce the time spent in reporting. As a result UCS developed a software solution that uses PCs and Palm handheld computers to automate the reporting process. That product is now available to the Cable Industry along with many other profit recovery services.

  • Tap Audits/Trap Removal and Replacement

    UCS does system audits to verify the level of service sold or blind audits to show the level of service being received. This has been proven successful in generating new customers and Revenue Generating Units for our Cable Clients. UCS is able to provide you with reports for both audit results and sales leads with our Palm PDA software applications.

  • DTA

    UCS has teams available to handle your DTA installations. With a 10 – 15 day notice we can have teams in place.

  • CPE Recovery

    Equipment that is not recovered at the time of disconnection can be a costly expense to your bottom line. UCS helps to recover your equipment by sending reminder letters with return locations, phone messages and live agent calls to your former customers. In some locations, UCS will support this effort with field techs that will pick up and return your equipment to your warehouse.

  • Write Off Accounts

    After all internal efforts are exhausted UCS will use its collections services to get your money or equipment. Letters and phone calls are used in the process with legal action being a last resort. Customer retention is our main goal in the collection process. Once accounts are paid they are encouraged to restart their service. These accounts are worked strictly on a contingency basis.

  • Reminder Calls

    Reminder calls can be made on accounts that are 31 to 60 days delinquent. These calls consist of a pre-recorded message and have been found to be effective in reducing the number of your write off accounts.

Professional Process Servers

Let Us Serve You…By Serving Them!

Since 1988, Professional Process Servers, Inc. has been providing our clients with reliable and effective service of process in Shelby County and the tri-state area. To stay competitive in today’s fast-paced legal world, it’s crucial to employ the best support services available. We have extensive experience in serving court process, document retrieval and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality services you can get. We pride ourselves in our professional conduct, reliability and premium customer service.

Whether you have one suit or a large volume of suits, we can offer immediate attention to your situation and provide the most comprehensive plan to achieve optimum results. As proud members of NAPPS (National Association of Professional Process Servers) we can assist in handling the service of documents across the nation. We offer very reasonable rates with discounts for volume clients. All servers are licensed, bonded, and we carry Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance.

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