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We are a Full Service, Compliant Debt Collection Agency

Universal Collection Systems provides the traditional services that one expects from a full service collection agency. UCS works all collection accounts on a contingency basis which means our client only pays for what we are able to generate back in collections.

UCS is experienced in collecting delinquent accounts in several areas:

  • Medical and Specialized Surgery Centers, Medical Billing Providers

  • Banks, Retail, Property Management, and Direct Marketing

  • Collections Government Collections for Court Cost and Fines

UCS offers the following Collection Support Services:

  • Early Out Program

  • Legal Support from our attorneys to assist and file lawsuits when needed
  • Identifying bankrupt accounts, filing, and monitoring claims
  • Skip Tracing through professional services from Trans Union
  • Training using ACA approved materials for collections, FDCPA, FCRA and Compliance Issues

Technology and Compliance

UCS has invested in RMEX collection software by Quantrax which allows management to control the work flow of your accounts through the collection process while making sure that all compliance issues are being followed.

RMEX has been upgraded to make sure our software is compliant with all new Regulation F requirements

RMEX systems features:

  • Right Party Contact Console
  • Cell Phone and Bankruptcy Scrubs and updates to system
  • Legal Review Process
  • Cell Phone and Employment Permission/Consent
  • Number of calls/contacts and best time to call tracking

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  • Medical and Specialized Surgery Centers
  • Dental Practice Collections
  • Banks, Retail, Property Management, and Direct Marketing Collections
  • Government Collections
  • Medical Billing Providers

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Universal Collection Systems appreciates the opportunity to assist with your collection accounts. If you need any additional information, please contact us by email at [email protected]