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Questions to consider when selecting your Accounts Receivable Collection Partner

  • What reputation do they have with their existing clients and in the community?
  • How will they serve my needs and best interest?
  • Are they responsive to my requests?
  • Do they use the latest technology? Is my data safe?
  • Are they compliant?

Contact Universal Collection Systems and let us show you why bigger is not always better!

Client Testimonials

  • “My office, Medical Insurance Filing Services, Inc. has been using Universal Collection for close to 15 years and love the response we get back from them on our accounts.  They are second to none and their collection ratio is superb.  We highly recommend them and have the utmost confidence in their employees and with the way they treat us as well as the accounts they have been asked to collect on.”

    • Marlene Wright, CEO

    • Medical Insurance Filing Services, Inc.

  • Campbell Clinic Surgery Center has developed a strong business relationship with Universal Collection Systems. We communicate weekly with Universal regarding outstanding past due accounts. This communication promotes optimal recovery of past due revenue once an account is assigned to Universal. Campbell Clinic Surgery Center looks forward to continuing its’ working, business relationship with Universal Collection Systems.

    Campbell Clinic Surgery Center

  • “Twenty plus year’s relationship with very acceptable recovery rate while exercising compassionate, courteous, empathetic and respectful recovery practices and procedures.”

    • Sincerely,
    • O’Farrel Shoemaker

  • “Our long term relationship with Universal Collection Systems has been positive and productive.”

    • Richard L. DeSaussure

    • Criminal Court Clerk
    • Shelby County, Tennessee
  • “Juice Plus has used Universal for over 20 years to help our Direct Sales Company with Customer Retention and Payment Resolution Services. They offer a gentle yet effective approach helping us recover monies while maintaining our customer relations.”

    David Short, Senior Global Director Payment Solutions

  • “We value our relationship with Universal Collection for the results they have provided to our 73 provider practice. We have used Universal for several years and are extremely satisfied with the support team they provided for us. They always give excellent service to us and our patients in every aspect of the collection process.”

    Stern Cardiovascular

    Germantown, TN

  • “We have used Universal Collection Systems for our collection needs for 20+ years.  They have provided wonderful, professional services for our medical practice.  They seem to know and understand healthcare receivables and we would highly recommend UCS to any healthcare organization.”

    Mid-South Dermatology

  • “We have entrusted our final collections to UCS for the past 15+yrs and have been very happy with the results. UCS acts much more like an extension of our business office than a 3rd party contractor.”

    Bert Parnell


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