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Protecting yourself, What you need to know about Social Media

Today many companies understand the value that social media tools bring to an organization, including enhanced enterprise communication and customer engagement. But while social media generates many benefits in modern business, it also exposes companies to a great deal of risk.  Your organization must develop a risk-sensitive strategy to create an effective ethics and compliance program for your social media efforts.  It’s important to understand not only what social media risk is, but also what action should be taken to effectively respond to these risks.

The average cost of a single social media risk incident is #3.5 million, according to a report by Blue Hill Research.  These incidents can lead to brand erosion, direct financial costs, legal exposure, regulatory penalties and litigation costs.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) remains extremely interested in the activities of data furnishers and the accuracy of information contained in consumer reports. The CFPB recently released Bulletin 2014-01 which highlights the obligations of data furnishers to investigate disputed information contained in consumer reports.

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UCS Employees Reach Milestone

Theresa LewisCongratulations to Theresa for making 30 years with Universal.  We are proud to have her and welcome her for 30 more!









angie champion Universal would also like to Congratulate Angie on 25 years of service.

Bankruptcies and Spouses


Bankruptcy is a complex process that affects the rights of not only the petitioner and her creditors, but also other interested parties including spouses and ex-spouses.  Questions often arise regarding the rights of a non-filing spouse when debt is discharged in the other spouse’s bankruptcy proceeding.

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The Next Phase of ICD- 10

How health-care providers manage the progress of ICD-10 will determine how well they are able to protect their bottom line.
By Katy Zillmer

The deadline to implement the ICD-10 medical diagnostic coding system passed on Oct. 1,2015, and now it’s critical for health-care organizations to make sure their efforts to prepare for its use, including preventing technological problems and claim denials, do not go to waste.

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Merry Christmas & HAPPY HOLIDAYS

From all of us at Universal Collection Systems!!!!!

We have experienced another great year that would not

have been possible without YOU!

We would like to take this time to say a Very Heart Felt and Warm Thank You. Please take some extended time with your Family and Friends this Christmas season.

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