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Hiring a Debt Collection Agency is now Becoming a Common Practice for Every Organization

By Simon Hatfield

In a recent finding, it has been observed that a lot of organizations have now been hiring a debt collection agency in order to recover their unpaid money from debtors. As every organization meets clients with some poor record of paying money for various services and products on time, it has left them with no other way than to rely on external help for the timely payments.

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March 2020

Relationship Goals Between Consumers, Spouses and Debt Collectors

What you need to know about spousal communication rules.

By Angela Czerlanis

Wedding season is approaching its peak in the U.S. As a debt collector, you may find yourself part of some of these unions while attempting to communicate with and collet from on or both spouses.

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January 2020

Please read and ACT ASAP

ACA International members’ participation is CRITICAL in a grassroots campaign aimed at stopping potentially damaging legislation that could impact the way you and your peers collect medical debt. Setting the record straight with Congress requires all hands-on deck.

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I’m Not Paying That!

A consumer’s written refusal to pay is a valid cease communication request under the FDCPA.

By Laura Dadd

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act allows consumers to request in writing that a debt collector cease contacting them, and the debt collector must comply with such a request. It also requires debt collectors to cease communications when consumers submit a written refusal to pay a debt.

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A Clear Path

How to triage stalls, disputes or consumer dissatisfaction.

By Angela Czerlanis

In the newly launched update of ACA’s Essential Collection Skills and Techniques course, we place a fresh emphasis on the keen listening skills and quick-thinking that pro collectors need. Calls move fast. Your ability to triage a stall, dispute or consumer dissatisfaction and respond appropriately is crucial to keeping the call moving and properly servicing the account for the consumer and your client.

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HIPAA Myths and Misconceptions Presented by SVMIC

By Loretta Duncan, FACMPE

Trying to comply with HIPAA can be a challenge for healthcare providers, especially when there is so much confusion about specific aspects of the Rules. On almost a daily basis, policyholders contact SVMIC for assistance with HIPAA-related issues. In fielding those calls and emails, some commonalities have been identified. In an effort to clear up this confusion and bust some of these HIPAA “myths”, a few of the most commonly asked questions are provided below with answers backed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the entity responsible for enforcement of HIPAA Rules.

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Bankruptcy Filings Continue to Decline

Bankruptcy filings fell by 0.9 percent for the 12-month period ending March 31, 2019, compared with the year ending March 31, 2018. According to statistics released by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, the March 2019 annual bankruptcy filings totaled 772,646, compared with 779,828 cases in the previous year.

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